Candidates(Nurses, GPs)

When can I cancel a booking?
A booking is a binding contract and once you have made it you are obliged to carry it out. Unless there is a valid and important reason we expect you to honour your bookings. If a situation arises that is unavoidable and you have to cancel the booking, we will try to find someone else to cover your booking for you. Cancellation with less than 3 days notice should be avoided at all costs. Finding a replacement within this time scale can often prove impossible and the consequences for our customer are very serious.

Do I get paid for working through lunch?
Generally no. Most companies dont pay you for the lunch hour. Sometimes it can be agreed in advance under special circumstances. If you are working in a surgery and it is very busy and you want to work through your lunch to catch up, call the office and we will ask the customer if it is okay to do so.

How much work is available?
There is generally plenty of work available for you. Demand for Locums tends to reduce at certain times, especially in November (the best time for you to go on your holidays), but for most of the year demand is high. Summertime is the busiest time of year
when Managers go on holiday. Its best to book ahead so that you know you have work. Most of our clients try to book a few months in advance.

How much will I get paid?
Its up to you how much you charge. You can put your hourly rate onto your personal page. You can put a different rate for weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, evenings and emergencies. If you find that you dont get many offers, you may have pitched your rate too high. You can change the hourly rate whenever you like. To find out the current industry standard rate, please contact the office info@quickmedix.co.uk

Im not getting any job offers!! Why not?
It may be that your criteria needs widening. If you have said that you will only travel 3 miles it is unlikely that you will get many offers.


You havent filled my vacancy!! Why not?
It may be a very busy period. Fridays, Saturdays, Easter, Christmas, Half Term, Eid, St Patricks day etc. all tend to be very busy times of the year. Think about the criteria that you gave us when you registered and see if anything can be changed to widen the
search net. For example will the Locum need to be trained on a specific computer system? Please contact the office if you are worried.

How will I know when my vacancy has been filled?
You will be notified by e mail or phone call, You will be able to see the name of the Locum we have booked. If you have any concerns give us a call.

What if I need to cancel a booking?
If your circumstances change with more than 4 days before the booking date you can cancel and we will not charge you our agency fee. We suggest that you dont cancel any bookings with less than 4 days notice. If this becomes unavoidable please contact us by

How can I be sure you will send a fully qualified Locum?
We use a thorough registration process in which our Locums qualification documentation are checked and references taken up. We also check Right to Work in the UK and identification with our Locum ID check.

How far ahead can I plan my Locum cover for holidays?
As far as you like! It is a good idea to plan ahead as Locum cover can be difficult to arrange at short notice in the busy holiday  season.